Some of the main activities of the company

Electrical installation

Cabling and installation of electrical cabinets
Preparation of internal and external lighting installations
Computer networks
Installation of Lightning Protection
Installation of video surveillance and alarm systems
Connecting the production and propulsion lines

Technology Installations and air-conditioning systems

Production and installation of compressor stations
Development and installation of central refrigeration
Preparation of technical installations

Installation of district heating systems

Underfloor heating
Radiator Heating
Ventilation Devices
Warming sanitary hot water
Ventilating device for filtration and air ventilation
Installation of melting snow and ice

Facility for water treatment

Development of the necessary installation for connecting equipment for water softening

Development of water supply and drainage systems

Interior installation of water piping for sanitary purposes
Internal hydrant network
Internal fecal sewerage and sewer lines
External water piping around the object to the city's public water supply network
External fecal sewerage around the object to the city's public water supply network

Fire installations

Development of external and internal hydrant system
Making fire protection tanks according to the needs and size of the object
Installation of pumps (diesel, electric, etc.)
Creating stable installation of fire extinguishing water (sprinkler)